for-sale 4th of JULY SALE!! Now thru Friday!!

Hey guys....

From now till Friday EVERY FRESH PEPPER along with EVERY DRIED PEPPER is on SALE!! :)

Go to to see all that we have available...prices go back up for the weekend...nows your chance to get them while they are on sale! :)

Thanks for your business, to everyone here on!!

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Sizzlin' Salutations!,
Dale E. Baker Jr
Baker's Peppers LLC
@BakersPeppers On Twitter
These are the Chocolate Trinidad scorpions I received from Bakers. a little challenge/review. those pods were evil
Hey there Dale. Maybe you missed my previous post. Just wondering what the total cost of shipping some dried carolina reapers would be to Ireland given that you're having a sale right now. Thanks, Robert
I can only say that this is a strange way indeed to run a business. I've been trying to buy some dried reaper pods from this seller for days at this stage and I can't even get a proper response. Very frustrating and very disappointing..