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5th Annual Secret Satan gift exchange.

Sorry about the broken glass.
Things like that happen, unfortunately. My wife sold and shipped a (pottery) butter dish. It was well packed, but mishandled in shipment. You could see where the package experienced blunt force trauma. Cracked the lid. Fortunately, the buyer was astute to what happened and didn’t post a negative, but my wife still had to send another dish as a replacement and then try to navigate the postal claim for damages.
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The Chicharrones made it but the bar glass didnt? Bummer!
Excellent asortment of goodies.

The HEAVY label kind of threw me. Google says international weight limit for a lfrb is 20#. USA weight is 70#. Good job sobelri!


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Sorry about the broken glass.
No need to apologise, mate, you packed it all very well. Sometimes these things just happen no matter how well you pack a parcel. Thanks again for all that you sent, I'm snacking on some La Molienda Japanese spicy Peanuts as I type this.....very tasty indeed :party:


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It means when a package weighs more than expected. 😂<-----click
Does that mean a case of peaces in Extra Heavy Syrup weighs more than peaches in Lite Syrup?