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5th Annual Secret Satan gift exchange.

Sorry about the broken glass.
Things like that happen, unfortunately. My wife sold and shipped a (pottery) butter dish. It was well packed, but mishandled in shipment. You could see where the package experienced blunt force trauma. Cracked the lid. Fortunately, the buyer was astute to what happened and didn’t post a negative, but my wife still had to send another dish as a replacement and then try to navigate the postal claim for damages.
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The Chicharrones made it but the bar glass didnt? Bummer!
Excellent asortment of goodies.

The HEAVY label kind of threw me. Google says international weight limit for a lfrb is 20#. USA weight is 70#. Good job sobelri!
Sorry about the broken glass.
No need to apologise, mate, you packed it all very well. Sometimes these things just happen no matter how well you pack a parcel. Thanks again for all that you sent, I'm snacking on some La Molienda Japanese spicy Peanuts as I type this.....very tasty indeed :party:
It means when a package weighs more than expected. 😂<-----click
Does that mean a case of peaces in Extra Heavy Syrup weighs more than peaches in Lite Syrup?
Let's see what interest we get and go from there. Please reply YES in this thread if you'd like to participate this year, and also specify whether you're able to ship internationally.

As always, I'm in and can (will have to most likely :rofl:) ship internationally.

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(OK for international too)
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OK for International.
“Secret Satan” exchange. Sounds innocuous. But, those “in the know” understand the reality of the deal. Sadly, most do not.

In November of 1922, British Archeologist Howard Carter (from Norfolk, England) after years of research, discovered burials of Egyptian royal antiquities, notably amongst the Pharohs - Horembeb, Ankesamen and of course Tutankhamen. The latter of which is the most famous – “King Tut.”

What often gets overlooked - by scholars of many decades (to include present time) and is rarely mentioned in the research (even though they have it in considerable volume) are the recipes they used with their food. Some are abstract, but many seem to be staples, going so far back as to be mentioned in Sumerian cuneiform tablets. Zachariah Sitchin was the first to be credited with the factual deciphering of the tablets, although some scholars do take issue with “some” but not “all” of his conclusions.

What I’ve found to be odd in my own personal research, is one particular deciphering I connected with instantly - concerning the use of “peppers.” Something translated along the lines of “he, the one who limits your mobility but gives you excellent spice.” Go figure, thousands of years ago, inscribed upon clay tablets, I admit it is difficult even for me to believe – “you’ve been served.”

I’m “in.” discounting international (I just did it already on my own, not realizing SS was in play.)

Dang, it was a parody. Didn't mean to kill the thread.

Now if you really want to hear a story, this naked dude was running down hwy 526 (eastbound) when the drunk lady crashed into him and then that's when she... oh nevermind.... you wouldn't believe it anyways..

Ho Ho Merry Christmas to all my pepper peers! :dance: Helluva year! I pray 2024 is better for us all.. :cheers:

Ok the full story -
Well, she hit the guy who oddly enough was carrying a seldom used object in religious sects, however, the object as unique as it was, was interpreted by and misinterpreted by some motorists to be that of some long-lost ideology. Some even claiming that the object itself was a misused representation of ancient …. ….. ….. ……. .. … … ….

And we never even found the accompanying knife in spite of the witness testimonies and what seemed to be cleverly concocted descriptions by random people that could not be corroborated by any persons present. This dilemma left us with
… …. ….

….. ……… ……… … ….. …..

That’s all I have to say about that. I’m not here to convince anyone about anything, Just a regular dude trying to survive in a crazy world.

Ho ho ho! :P

Brother, keep the faith, its down right crazy for sure. They sure like to reward idiots these day. Christ is King! Look out for a package headed for you soon.