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overwintering 7 Pot Primo Second Year

I have a 7 Pot Primo chocolate that I overwintered. Last year it grew tall and bushy and had a relatively small yield. I cut it way back in late fall and it’s come back strong but the growth is really viney compared to last year and it still shows no sign of blossoms. I have plants started this year that are already fruiting.
Any thoughts on what’s going on?


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I know super hots take longer to produce. I’ve had blossoms and small peppers for a few weeks now. It, my super hots (reaper and ghost) are just now starting to bud.
I get that but this thing is over four feet tall and in full foliage without a trace of a bloom and every other plant I have (30+ ranging from poblano to lava red) is fruiting or at least blooming.
The growth is so weird too - five big long tender vines growing out from where I cut it back last year. I had a first year naga grow like that before and it never produced fruit either while nagas I grew from the same seed pack right next to it were normal.