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7 Pot Savannah Community Grow

Hey folks, this dedicated thread will be all about growing the 7 Pot Savannah in honor of the late Dustin Jain/Nagacanario. According to his brother Christopher, he was not only a true pepper enthusiast but also an avid fisherman!

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Photo courtesy of Christopher Jain

The following is a copy-paste from the thread that started it all back in 2021 (by @Guitarman), a summary of the character and his pepper: "He got his nickname from two of the things he loved the most: growing peppers and Presa Canario breed dogs. Some of us talked about keeping his memory alive back this year by letting people know about his creations and grow them, but it never happened. Dustin was from Savannah, GA and almost 10 years ago started selecting pods from an accidental cross he had, probably a 7 Pot Yellow and an unknown pepper, which he called 7 Pot Savannah or Savannah 7 Hybrid". Here we are!

Last winter, a fellow grower by the name of Brian Holmes (The Ghost Pepper Store) was kind enough to share some leftover seeds he had received from Dustin a few years earlier. At least two THP members have successfully grown seedlings from Bryan's seeds but to my knowledge only @wrinklenuts redistributed seeds here at the end of the season.

Even if I didn't know Nagacanario personally I thought it would be nice to grow and share his pepper within the chili world, not only to continue his work but also to keep the memory of a fellow chilihead alive. Feel free to post and share your thoughts, progress, questions, reviews or anything related to 7 Pot Savannah or Dustin himself in this new community grow. Cheers🌶️🔥
Had to share the video, Me and Dustin (Nagacanario) at his house in Savannah GA. I came over to do a pod test from his (F1) mother plant…geez that was 10+ yrs ago. I do miss him dearly, didn’t get to see him that much the last few years due to me moving to Pittsburgh PA, but when I made my trips down, we would catch up on what we were growing, what new beers we were going to try, saltwater fishing and family.
Glad to see this thread up on here. 😎

Thanks for posting a memory. I miss him every day


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Been busy this Spring and haven't posted in this thread, but my plants are progressing. Appreciate @wrinklenuts growing these last year and sharing his seeds. I hope to do the same this Fall. Plants went in the ground about two weeks ago. Fingers crossed.

Pepper - 7 Pot Savannah IMG_20230607_161342356.jpg
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I feel like they are taking forever to ripen!
At least you got some pod action! Unfortunately my plant (in the greenhouse) did not produce any fruit. All the flowers fell off during the heatwave and the surrounding plants then completely outgrew it and deprived it of light...


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Hey guys, quick question.

What do we do with the seeds? Do i send them somewhere? Save them? Share them?
Do what you want mate but don't hesitate to share if you want to!