chinense 7 Pot's

Hi Guy's

I've never grown 7 pot's before but this season I'm grown 7 pot Jonah and 7 Pot Douglah I've only grown Naga's before how do they compare

7 pot Jonah in 5 litre pot............


7 Pot Douglah seems more robust and vigorous than the 7 pot Jonah.......? Don't know why but I'm more excited about the Douglah 😎

Opinions or advice about these varieties........?

There are a lot of different 7 Pot varieties to choose from. 7 Pot Brainstrain is remembered by many people who have consumed it. 😵‍💫
There are also different Naga varieties. Naga Morich was a hottie years ago.
Jonah is one of my favorite peppers. Maybe it takes too long to mature, but it has a very good flavor, similar to Primo or Reaper, but lighter. The heat is also consistent, I would say similar to Naga. Sorry I can't help you with Douglah. You'll tell us what you think.

As always when I'm trying out new varieties in my little Scottish greenhouse is varieties that mature faster enough before I run out of year ! 😞

Interesting you say the Jonah takes a long time to Douglah thrashed the Jonah in that department !

In there 5 litre trial pot's the Douglah produced quicker, bigger, and ripened way faster i was very surprised and very pleased 😄

The Douglah ended up transferring to a kratky set up produced even bigger pod's and ripened earlier still !

I'm glad to had the two of them in 5 litre pots for a head to head comparison from that alone I'd drop the Jonah and play with the Douglah in a bigger pot or start it off straight away in kratky hydroponics.

Regarding heat ......Douglah won't let you down ! Spectacular not for eating raw I tried a slice ! 😵‍💫😵☠️

But cooking in delicious and hot hot hot in a good way, infact my mate who loves hot stuff and put one I gave him on a pizza on Friday.............😗

It caught him by surprise first pepper I've given him that has even he turned to the milk but loved it but said not for the general public 🤣 now he wants more.
Hi Guy's

Jonah vs Douglah results in my wee Scottish greenhouse............


My Biggest Jonah ! ................... most were a little smaller less productive and took longer to ripen than my Douglah


Not my biggest Douglah but one of the top half dozen ! Way more prolific, bigger pod's, and ripened earlier than my Jonah.

The winner is .................🤔 🙂