A few sfrb available $18

I picked another 5lbs of mixed pods today.
A majority of them are F3-f4 crosses and are scorchers! Smalls for $18 and medium for $45. PM me with any questions.
Mixed boxes may contain :
Reaper x Scorpion
Brainstrain x Reaper
Chocolate Buhtlah x Scorpion
Boc x Reaper
Reaper x srtsl
Apocalypse Chocolate
Venezuelan Tiger x Srtsl
Venezuelan Tiger x Srtsl Yellow
Douglah x Brown 7-pot
Reaper x Madballs Chocolateellow BBG
Bbg Chocolate x Reaper
Bbg x Apocalypse
Bbg x Reaper
Bbg Orange
Bbg Original
Bbg Yellow x Butch T
Orange Gum Tiger Mamp
Peach Gum Tiger Mamp
Tobasco x Bbg
Venezuelan Tiger
Pumenta Puma
Pumenta Lisa
Black Panther
Red Nagga Brains
Red Moruga
Red Brainstrain
Bad Brains
Chocolate Scorpion


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