A&M Farms Expanding

Wanna thabnk everyone on the forums for your support the last couple of years, we couldnt keep up with the demand so we have expanded. Here is part of what we have going on. Will be adding more dehydrators and commercial grinders closer to picking time. We will primarily be bulk sales only this year as our contracts have also expanded. 100% USA grown state certified. 
Awesome!  What types of peppers will you be growing?  I'm guessing you'll be selling fresh, dried, and powders?  Mash?
Have a contracts with sauce makers, did 3000 pounds last season, expanding to cover 6000 this season, we grow what they buyers order. Yes we will be doing powders and mash as well as fresh if thats what ordered. Over supply and stock will be available to public, just as we did last year but our supplies stay low really, good problem to have honestly. Dont have to sit on a bunch of inventory.
Thinking of doing a write on how to really to get into this business,  not the "make a bunch of money, just buy my plants" kinda write up.
For those that dont already know, costa rica and overseas has most of the market, it really dont have to be that way.