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A Picking High

Picking hundreds of pounds of peppers can become quite tedious and sometimes out right boring! Takes hours---gives you a sore back and fingers---all of the peppers looking the same especially datils......But then there are the scorpians....picked for hours yesterday and dagggggggggggg---I was hooping and hollering when I came upon that giant beautiful red scorpian..yeah I had an iadult beverage or two but the scorpians are so unique---each one different from the other....i had crosby stills and nash blaring as i picked and all was good in the world while I was picking...I now feel what the native americans indians felt as they partied upon completion of harvest..I started all these from seed last January and to see the precious product now is a high I never knew existed....Rock on my scorpians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah.... I definitely get a feeling of elation while picking my peppers.  Its especially satisfying when you have used all organic feeding methods (specifically from home-made worm castings and compost.)  This year I didn't go organic.  But last year I only fed with home-made worm castings... and trust me... there is no better feeling than harvesting a whole load of peppers off gigantic, beautiful, healthy plants that you had fed with sustainable nutrient s that you* created (with the help of the worms and micro biota of course!)  :party:
i sit at work, although right now i only have 20 plants still,  think of nothing the last 4 hours of my day thinking of getting home to look at my plants. hoping i have enough to do something with what is ready. I am looking forward to November, when (because MN had a late start, will get must of my harvest)  but yes i am with you!