preservation A Question about drying seeds

I'm sure this has been covered before but search doesn't like me so it's not showing me threads I'm looking for to answer this question.....

What I'm wondering is, can seeds be dried in the dehydrator and still be viable to plant?

The lowest setting I have on mine is 95f and it claims to be for herbs and spices, will that be too hot to dry without cooking the seeds?
I'm pretty sure 95 will be alright but you could easily take the seeds out and dry em without having to worry about baking them.
I usually use a paper plate in the window sill but right now there's a sale on habs and I kind of went overboard and ended up with more seeds than will fit on 1-2 plates and 1-2 plates is sort of safe, but 10 plate would end up all over the floor with the clumsy people that live here... LOL.... that's why I have a tupperware container 1/2 full of mystery seeds...

Just looking for a faster way to get them dried and stored rather than cleaning em off the counter every few days while they dry
you dont have to dry em to plant em you know, only to store em, i just planted orange bells from the pod to the dirt and got a few popin up, i have tryed planting some from store bought dry peppers with no results if the temp is to high too quickly dry the pods i think it kills a lot of potential seedlings so 95 sounds safe but not needed a paper towle works good