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tutorial A Simple Guide to Topping and Pruning

From what I have seen on this site and elsewhere it seems like people remove a lot of plant material, sometimes almost half the plant, when topping. Wouldn't it have the same effect to just remove the growing tip and leave as much as possible?
Hello, I read the whole thread and I'm still unsure of the benefits of topping. Is it only done to get a more compact plant with the same amount of fruits, or it actually gives better productions than just leaving the plants grow tall?
Also, does it really make production happen earlier?
Thank you.
I will ABSOLUTELY top this season. Each and every time, I am hesitating and don't, or I cut them too late. And then the plants get leggy and grow all the way to the lights. And harvests are also meager. This time, I will top about 25cm height, ALL OF THEM. Tired of these tall plants.