website About to launch my wholesale woozy bottle business

Hello all, my name is Gabriel and I'm the CEO of EZPOUR BOTTLE LLC, specializing in 12 ounce woozy bottles that have a proprietary design of finger-aligning indents that line up directly with the spout when poured. At first, it was to remedy the messy waste that comes with the center hole, but what would a proper pouring spout be without the proper indents? So, after watching enough episodes of Shark Tank and essentially building a business around an invention, the "ezpour bottle" has become my latest endeavor.

For more information:

Big thanks to all of the hot sauce people I've met ever since I've embarked on this journey, salt of the earth people for sure!


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Looks like a cool design. Best of luck on your business venture!
I saw on another post about sending out samples. Look at hot sauce companies that enter the fiery foods contests, and just mail them a case of bottles. The minimums are pretty out of reach for smaller companies. I like the idea and design. You are going to have to connect with the Biggie Companies. I would estimate maybe 50 of the Biggie companies to target.

Scovie Awards
Spicy Flave Awards

The Scovies will be announcing this next years winners around Nov 15th. You will have to look up each company and mail a case to them for review including prices, shipping etc.