Abusing Peppers

It is amazing the difference in the heat level of peppers when they are being abused. I have two mushroom pepper plants that I have been doing an experiment with all summer. At the beginning I gave them all the compost and water they wanted. The first peppers were nearly the same heat level between the two plants. I actually will grow these peppers again as the taste is definitly something I have added to all my salsas this year. HOwever, I turned off the water and compost to one plant in July, only giving it enough to keep it going, usually only watering it when it got limp. I am here to tell you it makes a huge difference in the heat of this pepper. The difference in heat was obvious, and the placenta and seeds almost inedible due to the heat. I can't wait to try this with a Naga next year.
Kato's has a good friend who is a holticulture instructor who really loves growing chiles and where we go for advice or instruction.
He told us that heat stress on chiles truly works it really pumps up the heat.

We'll let you know more next season as we plan to plant a few trinidad scorpions in containors to regulate the water supply. We tasted a few pods from open fields and were totally impressed with the heat. More heat then the red savinas and the nagas we've tasted.
Can hardly wait to start growing for next season we'll start around the 1st of the year.