Accidental pepper Farmer

Oh hello there pepper internet :) I have been gardening a ton this summer since I’ve been back home in Northern Cali. My brother started a bunch of peppers here which he left me in charge of a couple of months ago. Wow they have been thriving <3 im afraid my heat tolerance is pathetic but I have made tons of chili relleno and several different pepper jams/jellies. I am just now exploring some options to sell the peppers that are just too hot for me 🙈 organically grown on my parents land fed with organic home developed compost. They gave gotten too much love to let them go to waste. I won’t have much input when it comes to discussing eating the super hot ones lol but I have great experience growing and hope to contribute where I can :) I have really loved different boards I have been part of for bodybuilding and this looks like a great community as well. Here’s a pic of the peppers I cut a few days ago. There are about 12 plants putting out fruit right now.


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It's no accident :lol:

from the Pacific Northwest!