media Advice on my media and related questions

I apologize for the following...I know there's tons of info on this already and I have run searches on this...but it can be overwhelming. I'm just running out of time to keep researching this.

So I have about 14cf of media that has been used for two years now...and another 7cf that I mixed but didnt use last only one year use on that. It's mainly MG potting mix/local compost/perlite/Black cow manure. I'm planning on adding some coco coir, perlite, more local compost and more MG potting mix along with the azomite and mycorrhiza I already have.

Question 1....what is a good brand of coco coir that I can get through Amazon?
#2....where is the best place to get bulk Perlite? That stuff aint cheap and all I can find local is small 8qt bags. So again..Amazon preferably...I have no local nursery's that sells to people outright. I figure another 5cf of local compost..which is very good by the much perlite and coco do I need for say 26cf of media?

I know its hard to tell anything from a pic but here is what I have. The left is unused MG for comparison...the middle is the one year mix I revitalized from 2021 that I didnt use last year...and the right is the two year mix from last year...the 14cf. I did test it and its at 7.0ph...N is depleted...P is sufficient...K is in surplus range. I know I need to knock the ph down some.

Any help would be appreciated as like I said I really need to get things ordered like yesterday. :pray: