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Aji pepper self seeding in Vancouver, BC...

So I just visiting the farm at my university where I work and study, and low-and-behold, I found a baccatum volunteer growing at the end of the bed where we grew them last year...


The baccatums we had in this bed were the f1 hybrid Aji Rico from High Mowing Seeds. As you can see, this one plant very well might end up with a few ripe fruits, and as I've discovered, the bird in our area love peppers. So who knows, maybe they'll spread the seeds if they eat the fruits. Perhaps this has already happened in our area. I gotta say, I was utterly shocked to discover this today. Never in a million years would I have thought that this could have been possible on the west coast of Canada. We have a cool, marine climate, the biome in our region is temperate rainforest. And yet, here is a self seeded pepper on the verge of ripening! Granted, it is an aji, which should be better suited to our our conditions. But, still, this has really augmented my understanding of what is actually possible for peppers in my region, and I'm definitely going too be taking a closer look at the aji's, now.