chinense Albino Apocalypse Scorpion?

Is this an Albino Apocalypse? Out of over 60 plants including 10 of this variety, this is the only Albino looking plant. All had new cups, same seed start soil, same amount of water, and same light. It did come up green then all new growth has been white. Never seen this in 40 yrs of growing peppers.
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SpeakPolish said:
That is false. Those plants do have chlorophyll but also have another white pigment.
The cells in a variegated leaf all originated in the apical meristem of the shoot, but some cells are characterized by the inability to synthesize chlorophyll. These appear white rather than green even though...
Well I will give some food in a few days but will not let it outside with my normal plants..See how it pans out but definitely not a normal plant..I assume since it not true to its not true to original genes a Trinidad scorpion this could happen as this is actually a cross, if it happens to flower then I will try and help it otherwise I guess it gets the gone way
LOL it aint painted and its sisters are already foot I will let this puppy be for a while..might not even produce any pod and may just die beforehand..just wondering if anyone else came across something like this.
In this case the plant may have developed a genetical defect and doesn´t produce chlorophyll any more or only in unsufficient quantities.
If I´m right, there is no help with standard fertilizers, new soil or extra watering.
High degree albinos can only survife if they are transplanted to a normal green plant with some leaves left.
But this is tricky and may not work.
There is some literature about growing albinos for some time with a special nutient mixture, but this is tricky laboratory work. 
As the pigments of the fruit are carotenoids, a completely different group of pigments, albino plants can produce normal pigmented fruits.
I say "can", because they have the genetical information, but in 99,99% will not, because they die before producing any fertile flower.
This is the answer to problems with a couple of mine this year. They were sown early but after a couple of months I realized that they just dont grow anymore.
First true leafs are White and then nothing happens. I have already dumped some of them and here are the remaining ones..
Really sad about the White Moruga among them :(


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@ J.H., what is the white powder at the surface of the substrate, is it mold or salt?
The picture of bleaching leaves normally indicates too hard water with too high pH, leading to chlorosis.
It is mold. Im using coco coir as substrate in the early stages - but this year the small pots are placed on a mat inside a zink tray.
The combination of Hard water, coco coir and the tray is a great explanation for why the plants couldnt make it.
Its my first time going about it that way.

Thankfully not all the plants have gone bad with this experiment
Plant has still appeared to have grown some, hit it with food today and will update if any progress in next few days. Got a lot of plants trying to hog light right now, so might be better when I get the others out soon
texas_pepper_man said:
Well the plant appears to have bitten the dust. Stem still green, but all the leaves dead.
That's very sad :( I hope you wont encounter more of those albino traits any time soon.