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Alex_K - 2022/2023 - Growing peppers in Brazil!

I think this season I will become a pepper plant hoarder as I received over 100 different varieties from my brother and ended up planting them all, I honestly don't know how I will accommodate so many plants!
My original plan for this season was the wild species, the native varieties from Brazil and a few import varieties that I found very interesting, however, now with over 100 imported varieties I think my plans have changed...
It's already spring here in Brazil and some varieties that I sowed in March, went through the winter and are already with their first pods while others that I sowed in August are still in their initial stages of growth.
I hope I don't have any major problems this season, one variety or another will surely die on the way but it's part of learning process right!?

Wish me luck! 🙂


My list this season:

The wilds:

Thanks to @Wiriwiri for submitting some of the species! It has been very hard to acquire them since few online stores have them and those that do unfortunately do not ship to Brazil... These are the ones I got for this season.

Blue MysteryWiriwiri
Capsicum cardenasiiWiriwiri
Capsicum galapagoense var. long*HRSeeds
Capsicum praetermissum #2 (Smooth leaves)Local Source #3
Capsicum rhomboideumMikelSimon
Not Capsicum ParvifoliumHRSeeds
*There are disputes, more information is needed.

Native from Brazil:

I decided to add Brazilian varieties this season, from the most common to those that are quite obscure and cultivated only by indigenous people or in a certain community/region.
Although there are many varieties here, there is no interest from universities or organizations in preserving or even registering them, the public/private sectors that research Capsicum varieties generally direct their studies only to the improvement of commercial varieties to resist pests or to increase the yield Heirloom varieties end up being left out.
These are the varieties that I managed to obtain... Being a country of continental dimensions, there are many other varieties that I probably will never know.

Acerola MagnoLocal Source #1
Arriba SaiaLocal Source #1
Barra do RibeiroLocal Source #1
Biquinho AmareloLocal Source #5
Biquinho BlackLocal Source #1
Biquinho CaramelLocal Source #2
Biquinho SalmonLocal Source #5
Black KathumbyLocal Source #2
Bode Orange (Small var.)Local Source #1
Bode PurpleLocal Source #3
Bode Purple (Large var. from Goiás)Local Source #1
Bode Red (Large var. from Goiás)Local Source #1
Bode Red (Small var.)Local Source #1
Bode YellowLocal Source #5
Bode Yellow (Large var. from Goiás)Local Source #1
Cabaça PurpleLocal Source #2
Cabaça RedLocal Source #1
Cheiro DoceLocal Source #4
Cheiro Pêssego MinasLocal Source #2
Cheiro RoxaMikelSimon
Cheiro Roxa IndígenaLocal Source #2
Cheiro Roxa PernambucoLocal Source #2
Cheiro Vermelha GoiásLocal Source #1
Coyote Zan WhiteMikelSimon
Cumari do ParáLocal Source #5
Dedo de Moça RedLocal Source #5
Dedo de Moça YellowLocal Source #1
Fidalga AmarelaLocal Source #4
Fidalga RoxaMikelSimon
MalaguetaLocal Source #4
Malagueta ChocolateLocal Source #2
Malaguetinha GoiásLocal Source #1
MuriciLocal Source #2
Murupi AmazônicaLocal Source #1
Murupi MulticolorLocal Source #2
Murupi RedLocal Source #4
Murupi RondonienseLocal Source #1
Murupi SalmãoLocal Source #1
Olho de MutumLocal Source #1
Olho de Peixe AmareloLocal Source #1
Pérola Laranja (CGN 22838)MikelSimon
Piãozinho LaranjaLocal Source #1
Pimenta MorangoLocal Source #1
Pingo de OuroLocal Source #2

Import varieties:

The vast majority were given by my brother... Will I be able to grow all these varieties? Probably not! But I'll try to grow as much as I can, I'm thinking of rotating the varieties discarding the ones that have already produced to make room for those that haven't yet, I think that's what I can do...

7 Pot Barrackpore RedMikelSimon
7 Pot Bubblegum ChocolateMikelSimon
7 Pot Bubblegum Mini RedMikelSimon
7 Pot Bubblegum RedMikelSimon
7 Pot Chaguanas YellowMikelSimon
7 Pot Cinder RedTexas Hot Peppers
7 Pot Congo SR Gigantic YellowMikelSimon
7 Pot KatieTexas Hot Peppers
7 Pot LavaTexas Hot Peppers
7 Pot Lava x ScorpionTexas Hot Peppers
7 Pot PeachMikelSimon
7 Pot Primo RedMikelSimon
Aji Brazilian BonanzaLocal Source #1
Aji CajamarcaMikelSimon
Aji ChalluaruroMikelSimon
Aji CharapitaBaker Creek
Aji Dulce Puerto RicoMikelSimon
Aji MocheroLocal Source #1
Aji MonagreMikelSimon
Aji PancaLocal Source #1
Aji PineappleSmall Seeds Island Co.
Aji RainforestSmall Seeds Island Co.
Aji White FantasyMikelSimon
Apocalypse ChocolateMikelSimon
Apocalypse RedMikelSimon
Arseclown JolokiaTexas Hot Peppers
Bahamian GoatTexas Hot Peppers
BB Habanero (CGN 24360)Wiriwiri
Bhut Jolokia CaramelTexas Hot Peppers
Bhut Jolokia ChocolateTexas Hot Peppers
Bhut Jolokia Chocolate ThinTexas Hot Peppers
Bhut Jolokia MustardTexas Hot Peppers
Bhut Jolokia OrangeTexas Hot Peppers
Bhut Jolokia PeachTexas Hot Peppers
Bhut Jolokia PurpleTexas Hot Peppers
Bhut Jolokia RedTexas Hot Peppers
Bhut Jolokia x PDNMikelSimon
Bhut Jolokia YellowTexas Hot Peppers
Bhut Orange CopenhagenTexas Hot Peppers
Bhutlah GoldMikelSimon
Big Black MamaMikelSimon
Big JamaicanMikelSimon
Big Mustard MamaTexas Hot Peppers
Bih JolokiaTexas Hot Peppers
Billy GoatMikelSimon
Bird’s Eye BabyLocal Source #1
Bismarck ChocolateTexas Hot Peppers
Black PantherLocal Source #2
Black PearlLocal Source #2
Blood GhostTexas Hot Peppers
Bolivian BumpyMikelSimon
Bolivian RainbowTexas Hot Peppers
Brain Strain x ReaperTexas Hot Peppers
Brazilian Starfish OrangeWiriwiri
Brown ReaperTexas Hot Peppers
BTR ScorpionTexas Hot Peppers
Burkina YellowMikelSimon
Butch T x 7 Pot Jonah GoldMikelSimon
Capezzoli di ScimmiaMikelSimon
Caramel ReaperTexas Hot Peppers
Carolina Reaper #1Baker Creek
Carolina Reaper #2Texas Hot Peppers
Chocolate Bhutlah x ReaperTexas Hot Peppers
Chocolate ReaperTexas Hot Peppers
Chilhuacle AmarilloMikelSimon
Chupetinho x Brain (White)Local Source #2
Clavo PeachLocal Source #1
Coyote TeethTexas Hot Peppers
Death Spiral ChocolateTexas Hot Peppers
Douglah BillyboyMikelSimon
Dragon's Breath (Moruga feno.)MikelSimon
Elysium Oxide MustardMikelSimon
Fatalii YellowMikelSimon
Gator JigsawTexas Hot Peppers
Golden GhostTexas Hot Peppers
HabanadaBaker Creek
Hangjiao 3 Solar FlareMikelSimon
Hurt BerryTexas Hot Peppers
Jalapeño Lemon SpecialLocal Source #1
Jalapeño MulticolorLocal Source #1
Jalapeño YellowLocal Source #2
Jigsaw Peach SLPMikelSimon
Jigsaw x Naga ViperTexas Hot Peppers
KS Peach StarrburstTexas Hot Peppers
KS Peach StarrkistTexas Hot Peppers
KS Sweet MiseryTexas Hot Peppers
KSLS Elongated Texas Hot Peppers
LeopardLocal Source #2
LesyaBaker Creek
Long ReaperTexas Hot Peppers
Maldivian Heart x Purple BhutMikelSimon
Moruga UV RedTexas Hot Peppers
Murasaki PurpleBaker Creek
Mustard ReaperTexas Hot Peppers
Naga Brain MustardMikelSimon
Naga Orange BBG7Trade Winds Fruits
Naga Tiger DDTexas Hot Peppers
Olive JolokiaTexas Hot Peppers
Orange Longtail ScorpionMikelSimon
Orange RippleTexas Hot Peppers
Peach ReaperWiriwiri
Peppa PeachTexas Hot Peppers
Pimenta Jolokia IceTexas Hot Peppers
Pockmark OrangeTexas Hot Peppers
Pockmark PeachTexas Hot Peppers
Pointed Mustard HabaneroTexas Hot Peppers
Primo Lucifer XLTexas Hot Peppers
Primo x Lemon DropTexas Hot Peppers
Primotalii (Select)Texas Hot Peppers
Puerto Rican YellowTexas Hot Peppers
PumaBaker Creek
Purple Flower BaccatumTexas Hot Peppers
Purple Massacre RedTexas Hot Peppers
Purple PumpkinLocal Source #2
Purple UFOLocal Source #2
Reaper BonnetTexas Hot Peppers
Reaper LeopardLocal Source #2
Reaper Pink PeachTexas Hot Peppers
Reaper SmoothTexas Hot Peppers
Reaper x SRTSL x Purple ReaperTexas Hot Peppers
Rhino DDTexas Hot Peppers
Rocoto Manzano RedLocal Source #2
Saras Green PepperMikelSimon
Sarit GatTexas Hot Peppers
SB7JTexas Hot Peppers
Scarlet Lantern PeruMikelSimon
Scotch Bonnet MOA RedMikelSimon
Scotch Bonnet SafiMikelSimon
Scotch BrainTexas Hot Peppers
Shabu Shabu x ChocolateTexas Hot Peppers
Space x F3Texas Hot Peppers
Super Hot Beast SLPMikelSimon
Taj Mahal Purple PeachTexas Hot Peppers
Tasmanian BlackMikelSimon
Texas Reaper F2Texas Hot Peppers
Thunder Cacho BrowLocal Source #2
Tien TsinLocal Source #4
Tiger BibiTexas Hot Peppers
Trinidad Scorpion GreenMikelSimon
Trinidad Scorpion Long SRMikelSimon
Trinidad Scorpion Moruga CaramelMikelSimon
White KnightTexas Hot Peppers
White Lightning BoltTexas Hot Peppers
WHP 053Texas Hot Peppers
Yellow Bouquet (CGN22181)Small Seeds Island Co.
Zou PiSmall Seeds Island Co.

Quite busy lately, I hope to update this thread more often!!! 🙄
This is the Bode pepper, C. chinense common in the northeast region and in the states of Minas Gerais and Goiás. "Bode" translates as "Goat", one of the explanations of the name is that the smell of pepper is intense as a goat! Despite its intense aroma, it is not very hot and is mainly used in chicken and fish stews, beans and pamonha salgada (Brazilian version of tamale).
The varieties below are those commonly found in markets, however I am already growing some regional varieties of this pepper that I purchased from a supplier in the state of Goiás, I hope they are different from the ones I already have.

Bode Yellow









Bode Red








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I am so glad you've posted about the Boquinho - had some in a salad today and wondered what they were. Totally delicious with capsaicin taste but minimal heat. I was so tempted to take one apart and steal some of the seeds :lol:
I am so glad you've posted about the Boquinho - had some in a salad today and wondered what they were. Totally delicious with capsaicin taste but minimal heat. I was so tempted to take one apart and steal some of the seeds :lol:
It's a very productive and easy-to-grow variety, I recommend it for anyone who doesn't like hot peppers! 😀

I like that money shot of the two biquinho pickings!
Haha! Glad you liked it!👍
The temperature here in Brazil is so high that you can cook an egg on the asphalt and unlike me the pepper plants seem to be enjoying it and are producing well! 🥵

Orange Reaper





Trinidad Scorpion Green






7 Pot Bubblegum Mini Red

I don't know much about this variety as there isn't much information about it my plant produced small rounded fruits with the oversized colored calyx as is characteristic of BBGs.







Bhut Jolokia Indian Carbon

Very productive!



Condor's Beak

The pods have a very hard skin full of big seeds and don't taste much but for me is one of prettiest variety of C. chinense



Pimenta da Neyde



Purple Death



Aji Cristal

This plant has grown into a bush producing loads of peppers!





I don't know what happen here! 🤔


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Really like those loaded branches, A.
Our hottest summers here have produced the
gnarliest pods.if the chinenses have a chance
to set them in the cooler spring.
Thank you guys!

Are you marking controlled pollination pods with strips of blue painter's tape (on the PdN)?

Yep! I'm isolating some varieties so I don't have unwanted crosses in the future! But the method of gluing flower buds is quite tedious and has a low success rate. I'm looking for a type of fabric to cover branches or even the entire plant, but I'm not sure which fabric is used for this.


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Thank you guys!

Yep! I'm isolating some varieties so I don't have unwanted crosses in the future! But the method of gluing flower buds is quite tedious and has a low success rate. I'm looking for a type of fabric to cover branches or even the entire plant, but I'm not sure which fabric is used for this.
Good luck with your isolating!

Tulle cloth might work for you, or paint
strainer bags as well, if they have them at
the hardwa stores.
Just finished reading up on your glog. That's one impressive growlist!
Love those mini 7 pot bubblegum, especially that cross section pic is awesome.
Good luck with processing all those peppers! 😁
Thanks @Sulsa!

So I'm trying! It's a lot and I end up feeling bad for killing some of the plants to make room for others! It's always a hard decision to make! No space here! 😢
New year! Hope everyone doing well! 😁

Now some update about my plants...

7 Pot Peach

This variety produces large pods and the plant is also quite large too







Elysium Oxide Mustard

Another large pods variety, they taste good!







Aji White Fantasy

Nothing special here, like most baccatum its branches extend over a very large area needing to staking. The pods are not white as the name imply but yellowish-ivory in color