baccatum Annuums...Baccatums...Best flavor?

What annuums/baccatums do you prefer for overall flavor?  I'm in seed buying mode, but I don't know much about annuums or baccatums to know what to buy.  Thanks.
I've liked the heat and flavor all the Asian annuums I've tried and grown.
This year I grew Kung Pao and Takanotsume peppers for the first time.
Neither one has fully ripened yet, but both have good flavor green. Though, I must say that the Takasume has fairly tough skin, and may be better suited for drying than eating fresh.
For baccatums can't go wrong with Aji Lemon Drop, it's wonderful. There are too many tasty annuums to count, but my personal favorites are chiletepins/pequins. 
baccatums - bishop crown ftw, but i hear the lemon drop is crazy good, aji pineapple

anuums - poblano, jalapeno, fish pepper
Aji Lemon are great, but so are Bishop`s Crowns. 
Smileyguy697 has a cross that is likely to be Tepin x Aji Lemon and it is the best tasting pepper I`ve ever eaten. 
for me it is annuums I like best, but if you are in seed buying mode call beth peppermania she has a very good selection of baccatums and annuums perty good pices too.. also look up between those there are a lot of both capsicums to look at I have ordered seeds from both in the past with good results
#1: I can buy annuums from the local grocery stores. #2: I am also finding that many annuums are not as prolific as baccatums. #3: My wife has found that an unripe Aji Limon is surprisingly tasty when added to a lovely spinach salad. For those reasons, I am dedicating half of next year's grow to baccatums.

I also love their viney branches, which are incredibly resistant to wind breakage (something very important to consider when growing on a steep hilltop as mine are).
I have a lot of Annuums that I like its one of the most worked with pepper, I love the little wild chiltepins.
I also like many of the Baccatums  Lemon Drop and Bishop hats/crowns and of course the wild Bird eyes.
I like the C. Chinense for different reasons not so much as a fresh eating pepper but for making sauces and drying for powders if I had to choose a fresh eating pepper I would choose Aji Dulce and Trinidad Perfume and Congo Trinidads and the Scorpions for blending into foods for heat.
I'm growing a lot of the Super hots and like their flavor when used in moderation, but a little can go a long way and I hate wasting a hot pepper so I save them for sauces and powders that way none goes to waste.
For a couple of years i've been taking note of Baccatum flavor opinions and noticed the following: People seem to like the taste of Aji Limon, Aji Cristal, the larger peruvian Aji Yellow aka Aji Amarillo. I'm sure i'm missing one or two varieties, but those are the ones i remember.
And let me throw in my usual Aji Habanero. Prolific, yummy little baccatums, flavor and texture are different than the other ones, almost like a cross with an annuum. They like lots of  sun + manure compost and can get huge. See pic below.

^^ One plant, 6 ft across and after a monster harvest. Ignore the runty banana pepper plant at the bottom, it was totally engulfed.