raised-bed Another "prepping raised bed" question

ok, so i'm adding a new section to my garden. the original is about 20, by 20. it's divided into two sections, one i'll be using for just hot peppers, the other for tomatoes and cucumbers. The new section i'm making will be another 10x20 section. i've already put leaves and roughly 500 gallons of fresh horse manure from the local stables. its all different stages of decomposition, from fresh round balls to broken down almost dusty-like material. i plan on adding some bags of cheap top soil, hopefully something with some perlite in it. i also will be adding organic kitchen matter all winter (my halloween pumpkins already got chopped up and added in. i also have more leaves i can add in as well. what i want to know is, how much of each stuff should i add. right now its about 6 inches deep of manure, leaves, some kitchen stuff.

also, this new section will be for corn in half of it, and probably squash and some bell peppers in the rest.

also, i added some manure to my tomatoes and cucumber section, and plan on tilling it in the spring. my hot pepper section has alot of the Ocean Garden soil in it, as well as old composted stuff from last years veggie garden.

the local indoor grow shop recommended endo and ecto mychorrizae to be added to the manure this fall, and next spring.

i plan on turning the compost over and over all winter and spring, and quit adding manure in march to avoid any nasty stuff. . 2 months before planting should be ok, right?

thanks for any help
I was asking more about my soil prep, not crop rotation. Thanks.
Sorry didn't really see in question in what I read, guess I should have looked for the lonely question mark near the end. What you are doing is not dissimilar from what I do in most cases, I test my soil a few times within last 2 months before planting and make adjustments if needed.