auction Another wicked ass pod auction hosted by! Ending soon! Closed! Thanks scarekrow

smileyguy697 said:
Hour left! 11:59 CST is 10:59 here now
Sadly as cool as that is, I think I will have to decline this offer. Would likely be hard to find a good buyer and I wouldn't know where to start.
Any wicked ass pod auction needs a weird ass bid. LOL
Congrats Scarekrow, you got a nice batch of pods! I was watching this and showing the other guys at hot pepper night what was going on. I left at 11:15 eastern and by the time I got home, I forgot to watch the auction. I knew I wasn't going to make it till 1 anyway. Too much peppers and alcohol, which is not a good combination this morning. I really wanted some chocolate primos, and the CPRs that aren't red, like mine turned out. I was hoping some of the other guys would want the other stuff, but nobody wanted to chip in. If you do another one, I will watch, and hopefully bid. I love these auctions. Tom