heat Any other superhots with a slow burn like bhuts?

Personally, I love the slow burn that creeps up from behind when you use bhuts in foods and sauces. However, Im starting to wonder if bhuts arent quite suited for my climate as Im in the dry desert in Phoenix, Arizona. Im not giving up on them I have several plants going and am waiting for it to cool off to see how they do this upcoming fall but if they produce very little again for me this year Im thinking it might be time to look for another type that does better here.

While we can grow peppers as perennials here the amount of time that temps are above 90 degrees is problematic and also I think the dry humidity really does a number on the bhuts who seem to like higher humidity environments. Im guessing the extreme dry heat is killing off the pollen.

Ive noticed that 7 pot types seem to do much much better as an example.

...... so I'm wondering if there are any other super hots that have that same slow burn as bhuts do. I've got some smoked bhut powder that when used sparingly in a dish can make the heat completely undetectable in terms of spiciness on the palate but by the time you're done eating the dish you are sweating with that warm endorphin glow, even though the dish didn't seem spicy at all while eating it. Its great for cooking dishes for people who do not like spicy foods, and of course you can add more for those that do.

Are there any others that have this burn quality to them?
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