It's cold over here in the UK. "Brass monkeys" cold, we call it, yet it's still sunny.

I put my plants outside yesterday mid-afternoon, right in the sun. (photos coming, by the way. I'm so proud of them!)

The sun went down. I went out to bring them indoors and.... ARGH!!! :shocked:

I thought they were dead. Man, they do NOT like cold weather at all. All the leaves were droopy and shrivelled. I was seriously concerned.

But 24 hours in the warmth of the house has sorted them. Still, I have learnt my lesson.

Edit: Forgot to mention the runty jalapeno I'm growing in the office. Had a few drinks friday lunch time and left it on my 3rd story window ledge at work. Over the weekend, it snowed AND was frosty. I think the trunk is still alive, but it's completely nude now :shocked:
Shooty* said:
It does, doesn't it?

Shake them gently by the stem 3 times a day... make them run laps... any other tips?
Wait a day and do what you did before that made them a wilty (but not for such a long period of time). You basically have to get them used to being outside.
Shooty* said:
Ah. Righty ho.

Cheers, chief.

What up on the job front, if you don't mind me asking?
Don't mind you asking at all. I was just going to post something on that... Look in the Lounge in about 5 minues.