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Has anyone done anything requiring labeling where you used "Artificial Flavor"? I'm having a hard time getting a definitive answer from the codes & FDA references so far.

You have to list your ingredients on the label, and ingredients that have ingredients have to have those listed too - but there are some exceptions, such as "spices". From what I can tell "artificial flavor" falls into that exception, but it's not clear to me exactly how & where you hit that threshold. Thoughts?

Just to be clear - I'm just trying to save space on the label, my ingredient lists for some of the candies are crazy long due to the sub-ingredients requirement...
I actually misstated VERY badly, as I don't use artifical flavors, unless you count extracts as such (FDA does not). I don't know why I used that in the title - probably because I had just finished reading a bunch about the topic and it covers artificial more.

And I guess I wasn't clear that I'm just looking to simplify labeling, not to hide anything.

That said, point taken.
I did say "flavors" :)

I was really only thinking about the extracts but I was definitely not clear on any of that. But like I said, point taken and I'm done with the thought. As always, thanks for the honest feedback!
I was going by your recipe in the other thread. Assuming you still use Pop Rocks?
You HAVE to think of ingredients of ingredients. What if someone is allergic to peanuts and you didn't look to see if the sub-ingredient had peanuts or was produced in a facility that produced peanuts. Even if your "ingredient of an ingredient" was produced in a facility that produced peanuts, you now have to list the allergen language. Sub-ingredients need to be treated as ingredients. Because they are.
I think I'm not being very clear here.

My labels include all of that information. I've copied it directly from the sub-ingredients and have them listed per regulation. I also have others review them for me as well to be sure I'm not missing anything.

When I say I wasn't thinking about ingredients of ingredients, I'm talking about this thread, and our discussion. I was only thinking about my flavor extracts when I asked so was stuck in that mode.

And, as I said, you've made your point so it's no longer an issue.