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grilled or smoked

baseball or football
Id like to go that place from the original CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. That place where everything was made out of candy. I would put a long straw into that river and go to town.

Would your family and friends call your heat tolorance CRAZY?
Don't think my heat tolerance is the same as you guys but friends think I'm mental, I don't tell my family anything that I get up to they'll only try and stop me having fun :lol:

Sun or snow?
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Tough question. I enjoy seeing the snow and like the cold, but driving in snow is AWEFULL.

Have a celebrity chef cook you a meal, or take a hot air balloon trip over Napa vinyards?
I've had a hot air balloon trip over French vineyards and chateaux, it was wonderful and my son is a chef - soooooo tricky one.
Even though he's not a celebrity chef I'd have my son cook me a meal as I haven't seen him for a few years.

Which famous person would you like to meet?
thought long and hard about this one


which plant (any plant in the world) would you love to grow?
a happy, relaxed dog - I could make a very long list for that question :D

what makes you cross?
Condesending, arrogant, buzzybodies, that insist on forcing their ways and opinions upon any and everybody. (We call them Karens)

Dream travel destination?
Singapore or Hong Kong - street food!

what have you got on your feet?
I've been to both places. I'd take Hong Kong.

Soft black Scetchers pull on on left and Dr assigned medical boot on right (broken big toe ).

What ice cream flavor?