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Last Nights time lapse

200stack frame. Mono Camera
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Albuquerque was supposed to be the best place to view the full eclipse, I was not even about to see it after taking a month to heal my ripped off cornea lol. Have to walk around wearing a welding helmet if I looked at that event.

only partial in my location.

Today was my oldest son's birthday so we (his younger brother + 2 friends) took our Tuesday off to go on a road trip to experience “totality” at his place (Sherbrooke, southern Quebec). What a nice thing to see; simply amazing, WOW👌😎
We went to SC for the last one but it was overcast. We made a trip to Vincennes Indiana for this one - the town went all-out to welcome people with a big festival and everything, really cool on their part.

Day turned out to be bright and sunny, very minimal clouds, so we got to see totality, lasting a little over 4 minutes. So happy I was finally able to see one! Something I won't ever forget.