event Austin Hot Sauce Festival

I'll probably enter again.

Web page here

from above page:

In the sixteen years since its inception, what started out as a small contest with a few spectators has turned into one of Austin's biggest and best-known annual parties. The event is a favorite among hot and spicy food lovers from all over the country. The Hot Sauce Festival serves as a major fundraiser for the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. Last year's Festival raised approximately $5,500 and over 17,500 lbs. of food in a six hour period.

The outstanding musical performances and culinary exhibitions are notable attractions, but the biggest draws are the salsas. More than one hundred gallons of hot sauce are consumed at the event every year. Area restaurants show off their hot and spicy foods at booths, and vendors from across the Southwest set up shop to sell hot and spicy cookbooks, fresh peppers, and chili pepper memorabilia.

The hot sauce contest has three levels of competition: individuals (homemade), restaurants, and commercial bottlers. This gives us a good chance to recognize salsas in a class by themselves. It also gives us a chance to consider salsas made fresh daily in restaurants apart from those made for grocery store shelves. The 2006 featured Hot Sauce Festival judges are some of the finest chefs in Texas!
Man, I'd love to make it to a hot sauce / fiery foods festival.

Some day, I'll have the time (and the money)

Check this out biat-ches...


Yeah, that's right. first place.

:cheers: :party: :hell:
Holy crap. You need to do some PR work. Call newspapers. Congrats.
I'm still having a hard time believing it!

I also picked up a couple cool hot sauces to review there; Big Daddy's ASS BURN ( "hell goin in and hell goin out" heh heh ) and Man Gogh Sizzle Sauce which has some crazy exotic flavor goin on.

I also almost died of extract-induced stomach cramps after sampleing "The Source" but more on that issue latter.
At 3:00 am there is a press release going out to the newswires, I'll post it here when it's live.
chuk hell said:
I also almost died of extract-induced stomach cramps after sampleing "The Source" but more on that issue latter.
LOL. I just tried The Source in Cleveland at Heather's Heat and Flavor...man was that a good extract sauce...but I need to have more because the drop I tried was not enough to light me up.
chuk hell said:
Guitargod....you are crazy! LOL at you...that stuff's 7.1 MILLION SHUs!
Certifiable! LOL. He (Brian, the co-owner) informed of the SHU level after I tried it. All I got was a little tingle on my tounge. He gave me this pin head dot of the extract on a toothpick which I smeared on my tounge...