vendor Avoid Baker's Peppers! Alert!


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Mods/Boss delete this if you want---
A few days ago I saw a post from Baker's Peppers on a Facebook Chileheads group.  I decided to post here as THP has many new members who may not know about Dale Baker and Baker's Peppers.
Dale Baker and Baker's Peppers what a THP member for a few years, ended up getting banned for several reasons.  Others may fill in details on this, but generally, he was a scheister who didn't fulfill orders, sent moldy peppers, borrowed money from a THP member and never paid it back...and some other stuff.  I had a personal interaction via PM that was totally inappropriate on his end.  Still have the PMs. 
Apparently, he was recently banned/deleted from the Chileheads group moderated by Al 'Buddah' Goldenberg and Jim Duffy.  I have had several transactions with Jim Duffy and while he can be abrasive to some online, he has always been straight in our business dealings, which have included 400+ pounds of fresh superhot chiles in one season.  I know Al personally and he is a very tolerant, very upstanding person and a total supporter of all things chile related.  To see Al ban someone speaks volumes.
Latest post on the bakers FB page is offering boxes of peppers and talking about getting banned by Al.  Just wanted to post a word of warning for our new members.  Do NOT do business with Baker's Peppers!

Even a Buy 3 Boxes, Get 3 Boxes Free offer!  When something sounds too good to be true.....

I mean, seriously....why not just a MFRB and we'll send a LFRB!....instead of paying shipping on 6 SFRB's...????   :crazy:  but when 5 of the 6 boxes don't show up... plausible deniability????
So - for the heck of it - I ordered a box of peppers from Baker's via ebay. I know the history, I just wanted to see what would happen. Would I get any peppers? Would they be in good shape? I figured I was pretty well protected by ebay in case of any problems. Here's my report:
I chose an SFRB of "Pepper B" which he proclaims "is believed by many to be the next HOTTEST PEPPER on the PLANET! ...NASTY looking peppers that are flat out HOTTTT!!" Twenty bucks with free shipping.
He states that he ships out only on Monday. Well, I got a tracking number on Monday, but the box didn't get scanned by USPS until Wednesday. Maybe USPS sat on them a couple of days before scanning, or this may have just been a variation in his regular routine due to something unexpected on his end, I don't know.
Anyway, the box arrived on Friday. It was full, containing 27 peppers. The peppers are very fresh and firm.
They are also the mildest peppers I've had in ages. About as hot as a supermarket habanero. Nice crunch, nice flavor that's reminiscent of a jalapeno, but just no heat.
Had the peppers been in the superhot category, I actually would have been very happy with the whole transaction.
I left him good feedback, as he got the peppers to me and they were fresh. But I doubt I'd order from him again. I expect peppers that are advertised to be "Fresh NUCLEAR HOT Peppers" to be, you know, pretty hot. 


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Harry_Dangler said:
Wow ..... A SFRB of Reapers for $600.00!!!! 26 Sold.  Or best offer ..... someone should offer $20 and see what happens.  Nuclear Hot!!!! Nuclear High Prices!
Nuclear scam indeed!!


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omfg!  $600 for a sfrb of superhots...which may or may not be actual carolina reapers?
Guess P.T. Barnum was right~~~~
or David Hannum~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Those are buy it now prices, if you actually look at the listing, you make the offer and he either accepts or denies.
But i remember him when he was first here and making an ass of himsef.
Seeking clarification here, but Bakers Creek is independentfrom Salsa Lady's warning about Dale Baker above right? Can someone confirm, they have some seeds I wanna get but don't wanna get scammed; but this company seems to have been around a long time and my buddy is vouching for them.


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Baker Creek looks to be from Missouri, Bakers Peppers is from Florida. I cant give a 100% vouch, but it looks like totally separate businesses.


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Yeah, Baker Creek / Rare Seeds is a company that's been around for 20+ years. I've purchased from them multiple times in the past 5 years or so (never pepper seeds, though) and they're fine.  They've emailed me with a free shipping offer early in each of the last couple seasons, which is nice when you're just looking for one seed type and don't want to double your price by paying shipping on one item.