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Back Pack Sprayer

Harbor Freight has a coupon out in their flyers good till June30, for this 4gal back pack sprayer, $19. I don't particularly like HF tools but for the non professional use some things ain't bad, and get the job done at a fraction of the cost. It comes with a bag full of new orings/seals/3 different pattern spray heads. Hope that doesn't mean I'll need those seals orings soon...lol.
Amazon has what looks like the same exact sprayer for $63...
Only have used it a few times now, putting about 16 gallons of neem mix thru it.
  Lubed up the oring in the cap and seated the oring flat, tightened down all the fittings/connectors that were loose filled it with water and was pleasantly surprised it didn't leak a drop. Seems like decent quality. And the big fill port with removable strainer, makes filling/mixing a easy pleasure.  It comes with 4 different nozzles, some pretty interesting patterns, one looks alike a double headed snake... lol
Anyhow, so far,  it sprays great. Nice to have the hands free back pack with 4 gal, and a long spray handle, easy to pump with 3-5 strokes on handle right next too my side, has some pressure. Blows away my 2 gallon hand held HD sprayer. I'd never go back to hand held to spray my garden.  Done in half the time with a better job done... If this one busts, I'll get a good  expensive one.
Anyhow just thought I'd share in case anyone wants to try an inexpensive back pack sprayer on sale.
I have an old Stanley backpack so I never considered a HF backpack. With the good discount, I may get one.next time we go to town. Can you stack a 20% off coupon on top of this one?
I do use their 2 gallon sprayers. Nice thing about those is if/when they fail within 90 days, all you have to do is call and they'll send a new one. If/when that one fails, they'll send another one. The weak link in those are the o-rings in the spray valve.They can be repaired but it seems like the o-rings never fail until you have a full load of highly toxic stuff in the tank. This ticks me off bigtime so I make sure I call them right away before I even look at fixing it.
Thanks. for the heads up!
Thanks for the heads up. I've used the 2 gal hand-carried sprayer for years. Never could justify the cost of a backpack sprayer for the amount I spray, but for 20 bucks, it might be worth a try.
I have then same backpack sprayer from HF purchased early last year using the $19 coupon too. It works great and you can switch the pump handle from left to right depending on your preference, definitely beats using those small 2 gal sprayers especial at the discounted price/size. In addition you can use their free item coupon along with this one for those small LED flash lights or for example when I purchased was able to get a nice free tarp. As for stacking the extra 20% coupon it did not work in store since you are using a discount coupon already (original item price about $30) and in the restrictions mentions can not be combined with other discounts at the time.

All in all was very satisfied with the Greenworks 4 gal backpack pump sprayer, just make sure all connections/lid are correctly secured and you good to go.
wanted to add that they upgraded the model to include the nice padded shoulder straps so that was a plus (make sure to check before leaving store :cool: )

After a year of use it did not have any problems and the nozzle attachments made using foliage type sprays/ safe insect or pest applications easier for sure.