Baker's Peppers HUGE Giveaway/Contest !!! Ends 7/4/12

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Ok everyone....after much thought and deliberation I have decided that we are going to host a HUGE giveaway!! Strictly for the people here on!! We as a BUSINESS have learned that we have stepped on some toes here and there's some fences that need mending....some will mend, hopefully all, but none the less we value EVERY member/vendor here :) We are making attempts to show u guys we are just trying be able to supply everyone with great SPICY products. We HOPE that all future ventures with the good people here are good for EVERYONE involved :)

And that brings me to the HUGE giveaway!!!

First and foremost I want to say that AUTOMATICALLY OFF THE TOP......KingDenniz AND Jedisushi are BOTH GETTING ONE BOX EACH!! Guys, hopefully this may mend a fence....if not we truly will miss your valued business and sorry about everything! We admit we handled it ALL wrong and hope that you guys enjoy these...on us!! :)

Now...on to the rest of the AWESOME THP members that may be on the fence about us....we SINCERELY value EVERY member/vendor here. We NEVER meant to come off rude or disrespectful to anyone. We have never meant for it to sound like we look down on ANY grower... Backyard hobby or commercial level growers....we value EVERYONE the SAME....We feel like some off u here feel like we looked down on certain people and that is NOT the case at all! In efforts to show's what I'm going to do!!

I have 7 Medium FRB's...... I'm going to PACK THEM FULL OF STUFF AND SHIP THEM FOR FREE!!! Since 2 are gone to my friends above....I have FIVE (5) AVAILABLE for this GIVEAWAY!!

Here's what's inside....

1 lb - Trinidad Scorpion BUTCH T (FRESH PODS)
1 lb - Trinidad Scorpion Red (FRESH PODS)
3 oz - Dried seeded Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pods BLENDED with Brain Strain Red pods
25 - T Scorp Moruga Seeds OP
25 - T Scorp Yellow Seeds OP
25 - Brain Strain Red Seeds OP
25 - T Scorp Chocolate Seeds OP
25 - Fatalii Yellow Seeds OP
25 - Fatalii Chocolate Seeds OP
1 - FREE Coupon for THREE (3) Seedlings next Spring! Your choice from the grow list next Spring!! SHIPPED FREE TOO :)
1 - FREE Coupon for ONE (1) FREE SFRB of pods good ANYTIME!! FREE SHIPPING on this too!! Of course its good for only what I have available at the time u redeem it :) heres the "Official Rules" for this contest! :)

What i am going to do is this...we are going to do a "Raffle" of sorts, so its TOTALLY even odds for ALL who enter...And best of all, since its FREE to enter its LEGAL too :) Heres how it works.......each member who is interested in entering in this "Giveaway" must post they are interested right here in the thread! Your post will be given a post # in the order in which they were posted in the thread..for example..since this is the first post in this thread it has post #1 at the top corner. The next post in this thread will be #2 and so on and so forth. Your post # saying your "In" is your drawing # for ONE of the 5 FREE BOXES!!! On july 4th 2012 we will hold a video drawing with all entries post #'s represented and the 5 #'s we pull from the "hat" randomly will WIN !!! Its that simple!! The winners will be posted on our website the following day July 5th 2012! So you will need to check our site for the winners!! Limit ONE (1) "entry" per member please. Please allow a week or 2 after drawing for the boxes to ship, as i want to make sure you guys get the best quality stuff I grow!!

Thats it! Feel free to enter for YOUR chance to WIN!!! Dont miss out on this HUGE GIVEAWAY brought to you by Baker's Peppers LLC!!!

Remember.....only ONE post/entry per member....keeping it FAIR and EQUAL here guys :D Have FUN!!

Dale Baker Jr
Baker's Peppers LLC

This is just a picture of one of my 80 lb orders that went out this week,,,i know how you guys and gals like pod here you go..just to get the "juices" flowing! :) Figured a post this HUGE needed a picture of some


Legal disclaimer for this picture......

This is NOT what you will win...just a picture of some pods for your enjoyment while you wait to see who wins :D
Looks like a good start to mending fences Dale. Guys lets forgive and forget and give Dale a second chance. He's obviously trying here to make things up with the community. Don't let the hate burn in you, let our peppers do that ;) :D
Dale, this is a HUGE gesture of apologies and courtiousness, and I hope for you and all involved in what has happened can mend fences. Thanks for putting this together, I know it isn't easy doing this on top of all the plants your growing.

I'd like to get in on this.

:cheers: and thanks again
What a generous offer. I'm in.
We just got pummeled with hail last night with lots of damage to gardens, so this may be a blessing.
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