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Bayou Pecker Power

It's been a little while since my last review (it's been a dry month) but I've gotten my grubby hands on a few goodn's.
This is my first venture into the Hongry Hawg line of sauces & must say, I'm very impressed with the overall flavor/heat of this sauce.
There was a different(I wouldn't use unique) taste going on here. Cane Vinager....???, I've not seen that before...at least to my recolection. But man what a great taste that adds. On my tounge it had a sweet upfront with a vinegar back followed by sweet yet again....BIZZARE. Heat is supplied by Habanero's, & while it is not overpowering, it does have a nice creeping factor.
Heat level is around a 6.

A very nice, well rounded sauce.