annuum Beaver dam ?

Hi Guy's

Mother fancies growing some "mild chillies" even though she can handle a hot curry 🤔 hey ho a good excuse to order more seeds and geminate more chillies 🤪

I ordered Beaver dam seeds from seaspring seeds they arrived the other day put them on wet rockwool in ice cube tray in a heated propergater.......3 days later......:party: got germination 😲😎 that's why I'm a huge fan of the rockwool method quickly let's you see what's going on I've transferred the germinated seeds to small pots of soil.

Mumsy has a plastic greenhouse thingy I understand that Beaver dam plants stay pretty small i.e short ? So she should be OK


Is it worth trying a few outside in. Sunny spot in a pot ? Remember Scotlands not known for its barmy warm summers 🤣

How they taste "green" ?? Reason I'm asking I often find we run out of year plenty of green fruits but the weather changes and that's that !