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contest Begin! Chinese Throwdown

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The Hot Pepper

This is the Chinese Throwdown!
Featuring 5 head-to-head battles (Each of these battles has ground rules they will follow. The first 4 are Chinese-American favorites, and #5 is traditional or take-out style. The non-traditionally spicy will be spiced.)
Chicken: General Tso's Chicken -  D3monic vs. Student of Spice
Pork: Sweet & Sour (& Spicy) Pork* - charlesquik vs. SmokenFire
Beef: Spicy Mongolian Beef grantmichaels vs. Ozzy2001
Seafood: Spicy Shrimp Lo/Chow Mein - tctenten vs. Grass Snake
Any: One Chinese Soup, One Egg/Spring Roll, One Fried Rice (Two must be spicy, traditional or take-out) - BigB vs. t0mato
Challengers: This is about cloning favorites, which means you need to list all cooking steps and exact recipes so the voters can visualize your flavors and be able to clone as well.
The Open Throwdown
An Anything Goes category open to all! AG means you can post anything Chinese, any part of the meal as an entry, combo meal, dessert, etc. in traditional or take-out style (Chinese-American etc.). Please no fusion, this is not about Chinese tacos, it is already very open with what you can post so keep it Chinese! :)
Everyone has a 10 pic max.

CLICK: The 5 Rules for an eligible entry
Title your entries, list all ingredients and cooking methods.
PoL: $.65 or a fortune from a fortune cookie (PoL only needs to be shown ONCE in a pic with all or a majority of the ingredients used, or in a final presentation pic of the main entry, preferably not on the plate.)
:dance:  :dance: 
Great to  offer such a creative (food) outlet ...can't wait to see what you'll create! :drooling:
                                                                                                     Good Luck to you all......THP   Rocks! :onfire:  :onfire: 
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