breeding Best Large Jalapeno

How large do you want them?
Have you tried Paquime?

Skullbiker has some pictures of them in his glog. I don't know how well they taste, but I'll be growing them next year.
I've grown Jalafuego and we love them. The plants produce a ton and the pods have a good amount of heat.
Good seed source.
I'm a little confused about this whole "F1 seeds" thing, though.  I can't picture myself ever wanting to plant F1 seeds.  Doesn't seem like it would be very reliable...  What am I missing? 
Harry_Dangler said:
I'm a little ticked at Reimers ..... That's where I got my Mucho Nacho seeds that didn't grow true this year.
See, that's what I'm afraid of growing those seeds...  It just doesn't make sense to sell F1 seed, and expect it to grow true.


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I've had good luck with seeds from the Chile Institute. I can't recall not having one grow true.  We always grow 50-100 varieties and it seems like every year we get 5 or 6 varieties that don't grow true.  This year might be a little worse with some obvious swings and misses.  
solid7 said:
See, that's what I'm afraid of growing those seeds...  It just doesn't make sense to sell F1 seed, and expect it to grow true.
I was confused too until a couple of weeks ago - how can they give you F1 seed that will grow true every time? Wikipedia has an explanation... 
So basically, hybrids are produced from "Elite inbred strains", which produce consistent phenos generation after generation. And as far as I understand it, this makes sense - if you know the dominant traits of the parents, crossing them will produce these dominant traits in F1 seeds. F2 is a toss-up as this is when recessive traits start showing up...


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DownRiver said:
Really? Reimers has had a terrible reputation for years. There was one year several years ago, no matter what seed you ordered, you ended up with cayennes. Has something changed and caused improvement?
Oh, I dunno.  I've never ordered from them.  I was just looking at their inventory, and the comment was based on that.  But for sure, trust those who have actually purchased, over my comment in passing...
Baker Creek ( is indeed, a fantastic vendor, and I think they have a not-terrible selection of peppers.  Sure, you're likely to be disappointed if you want something uber-specific.  But I think that's a great source.  And they always give lots of freebies, which is nice.
Those Death Spirals i tried this year came from Baker. Pheno was exactly like the pics and plants are doing very very good. They offer 55 hot peppers and a few are quite interesting.
JIMHO, and I've tried many of the above mentioned Jalapeno, these are the best.  These seeds almost are 100% germination even though they are 2+ years old.
Not the biggest, or the fattest, but good size, and the hottest and the best tasting. Especially when ripened to full red with a nice checkered pattern of 'cracks.
 Even when only let ripen to green with cracks, still awesome flavor and big heat for a jala...
These have fast developing heat that wicks up to unbelievable heat for a Jala, but heat fades fast.Huge placenta with an abundance of seeds... The plants have been my best producing, most prolific, with so many pods support becomes needed. A fast growing, fast flowering, can take full sFL sun and not wilt at all, they seem to thrive in the heat/sun, unlike many others... They don't seem to be sFL pest resistant, as most peppers aren't.
This is my second pack of these seeds that preformed identically....