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Best use of frozen chili peppers

Hi everyone.
i have a bunch of different chili peppers that I’ve had in the freezer for probably a good 8 months or so.
I'm sure some have some freezer burn, but most look ok. There’s a variety, a bunch of stuff I brought back from Indonesia as well as a good batch of jalapeños. 
I’m hoping I can get some options as to what I can do with them.
i was thinking maybe some type of jam? Or pickling? Or a sauce? 
I would have to look into what some of these peppers are as I don’t recognize a couple of them, but the others look like cave rawit or a variation of them. 
But, yes, would be interested in hearing what my best use for them would be. I have a feeling that maybe they might have to be tossed, but if I can get a good use out of them, that would be ideal.  
Thanks in advance and stay safe!
Thanks Joyners and Tabo! Never made a sauce or jelly before but have been watching videos on how to make them, so I guess it’s high time I move in that direction!
I like to shred my super-hot chili's in the food processor with a little vinegar to make a kind of paste.  I just add a little salt and maybe a little sugar in this.  Would frozen chili's be good used this way?  I have a lot of chili's coming in now and they have to be frozen so I was just wondering also.


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Glen_ said:
I like to shred my super-hot chili's in the food processor with a little vinegar to make a kind of paste. Would frozen chili's be good used this way?
Not sure as I dry mine But this seems helpful
JoynersHotPeppers said:
Pickling would be gross, they will get very soft and mushy once thawed.
I agree with the commenter that if you were pickling, frozen peppers might not be a good choice.  However, I mentioned that I make a kind of paste.  A paste does not require the use of crispy peppers.  I will probably pickle some and freeze some of my peppers this season.  I also plan to try sauteing the frozen peppers in a little oil.  This is my first year growing super-hot peppers so I need to try to discover a few different ways to enjoy them.  Dried pepper is not my favorite way to use them. 
I've thawed and dehydrated/grinded into powder a few times. Freezing doesn't have any noticeable affect after making powder (at least that I can tell).
I thaw them then slice and add to food cooking all the time too. I always tell friends to be careful if they make sauce, watching the ph etc...
I have had a lot of success with freezing them as I harvest and dehydrating them, which I then make a powder of using a food processor. I haven't noticed a degradation of taste at all. If you do this, make sure to keep a desiccant pack in the powder jar.