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chinense Bhut Jolokia, aka Ghost Pepper, the New Mainstream Super Hot Pepper

Has anyone else noticed that Bhut Jolokia aka as the Ghost pepper, has become the new easy to get super hot pepper? Burpee(and others)has plants readily available, and they are really easy to grow. In fact, they might be one of the easiest I have ever grown. They produce for me the entire year, even in our winters.
It is the new super hot pepper in terms of availability for true pepper enthusiasts. Plenty of products out there use this pepper. It has become the new standard for people looking for real heat, and commercial production.

I suspect its influence will only grow in time, due to its characteristics.

I have grown many, many superhots. To my personal taste, the Ghost is not the best, although I do enjoy it, and appreciate it. I think Bubblegum, Douglah and 7 Pot Burgundy is almost tops for both flavor, heat and productivity, as a super. Other standouts exist, but Bhut is poised to really be a big staple worldwide.
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I haven't had much chance to try most others - there's so many to keep track of! So far I've grown Ghost, Scorpion, Reaper, Yellow Reaper, and Dragon's Breath. So far haven't found any that I like flavor-wise as much as the good ol' habanero though.
Didn't you notice this many years ago? I mean when places like Wendy's had Ghost Pepper Fries? It was once the world's hottest with a commercially friendly name. Hard to top it. And the mainstream doesn't want to play the everchanging pepper game.
I think it is where the pepper is so versatile. It is a superhot, but now days it is at the lower end of the super hots. It is a lot easier to use a ghost and not be too spicy as if you were using primo's you could easily over power a dish.
Ghost also has a marketable name. Boo! A ghost. Not the grim REAPER or the devil or even a weird one like BUBBLEGUM. It hit just at the right time, with the right heat, and the right name. So... staying power. Others may trend.
Nothing but LOVE for bhuts and nagas. I've always found them easier to work in the kitchen because their flavor doesn't overpower dishes like other chinenses. Also the heat level is just right for me (probably nowadays at the lower end of the supers heat range) and despite i've many many dried pods and powders when i'm in doubt or just lazy i tend to grab bhuts/nagas every time :D
I’m a big fan of nagas - flavors and heat that comes in long drawn out waves.
It’s cool how the ghost types and Caribbean types each have their own distinct personalities.
Has anyone tried umorok? I’m growing a red and a brown this year.
Umorok is very ghostly and extremely prolific. I’ve grown both the red and the chocolate. We’ve grown the red a number of times. The red was a huge plant and produced lots of large bhut like pods.
The chocolates I’ve grown were smaller plants and not as productive. Also, the stability of the chocolates was questionable as I got quite a mix of both red and chocolate pod producing plants. We’ve only grown the chocolate once. For several years, the red umorok and Dangler’s Bhut out produced most bhut challengers.