yield Bhut Jolokia. No yield until second season.

I hops that guy is legal if yer posting pics of that! Beautiful plant

Agreed on organic. Better and no chems involved! Better tasting bud or peppers :P
That is fucking astounding, absolutly astounding.

At the risk of sounding like a stiff I'd take that picture down, for obvious legal reasons.

Really what state do you live in?
That is just a rip of a PUBLIC pic on the net. I have no affiliation with him. I was just pointing out that he is a famous advocate for organic growing, not to mention he is very legal I'm sure.
I only use canna growing as a reference because they are light years ahead in the Ag department. That's what happens when you are limited to a few plants, Grow bigger ones :P

Sounds like a similar strategy what we are doing ;)
I thought he was a forum member because you refered to him by his name.

If that was you who made the video, thanks for the great video, if it wasn't you in the video thanks for posting it. I'll be trying compost tea when the growing season starts, I have some nice fluffy compost made from kitchen and garden scraps which the worms have gone through.