yield bhut jolokia yields

It depends on some many factors: size of pot, fertiliser, length of season, weather, etc.
If you have the chance put it in the ground, it will grow much bigger and put out a bumper crop. I cant see any reason why a bhut in the ground couldn't get 2-4 pounds.

the pic of the bhut, I just got off google, is loaded with bhuts, far more then a pound. Some growers on here are amazing at what they do and could get 3 pounds with ease I think.
that is one healthy plant! thanks for the info. I have about 100 in 3 gallon pots and 39 in the ground. Here in wilmington nc the weather has been crazy so my plants have stunted growth and just are not as big as year before and last year horn worms destroyed my crop. Next year I will go with 5 gallon pots and I have a big garden to plant in too. thanks again
No worries, what I stated wasn't much help though. Im no expert by any stretch. Sometimes, like you said, the weather can really change things due to its unpredictable nature. The change to the 5 gallon pots will help you develop a bigger root system, and if the weather is nice to you, you should do very well!  Good luck with the rest of your grow, I hope things turn around for you :)
I think there are multiple varieties of bhut jolokias out there, so it may depend on what variety you have.
Even 5 gallon is on the small side for a good season in NC, assuming sun all day long and plenty of nutes.  I'd say a good season in 5 gallon pots should yield 2 lbs or so in your region, providing you get them started in late winter so they're ready to transplant outside once the last frost of spring has passed.  10 gallon pots, add about 50% more yield and so on for 20 gallon pots. 
I don't see any reason to use over 30 gallon for a first year plant with the sweet spot probably being 27.5 gallon (55 gallon plastic drum cut in half to make each end a pot, BUT that's large enough that they aren't so easy to move around any longer.