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Well ive done everything i can to get this deal closed but for whatever reason Bhuter has made no attempt to resolve it. He even deleted all his PMs.
Back in October i sent him a SFRB of pods. He received them on the 12th and acknowledged receiving them and liking them. He knew all i wanted at that time was just some seeds.


Fast forward to last week. As a last ditch effort to get this cleared up i found he had made some sales on Ebay after my deal. Throughout this i found a Youtube channel with his video and a link to his GF on FB so i thought i would send a message there. Maybe he was ill or whatever. Well she said he was fine now. Trying to keep my messages short and to the point i asked if he could log on to THP and clear this up. I have not messaged her again and frankly its not her problem anyway. Im just thankful she relayed the messages.
This is the entire conversation i had.


I sent him a private message here again just like i said in the last message on FB. He still has not logged on or read that message. I can only assume since he is "ok now" according to his GF he is not willing to resolve this. Since i had to get my seeds elsewhere i just want $15 to clear this up. I think thats completely fair considering i spent way more than that to acquire some seeds. At his time im just chocking this one up to getting screwed over. So with no other recourse im posting this negative review of my trade with Bhuter aka Adam.


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Sorry you had this difficulty, Scott.
Adam has always been upstanding on the forum
in my dealings with him. If he 'disappeared' then
there was a very good reason, and I just hope it
was nothing serious. I can't imagine he would
'screw someone over' on purpose. We all miss
him on the forum.
I would join in with hogleg, and I hope Adam can
get back in the saddle again. If, as his girlfriend
intimated, he is suffering from seasonal depression,
that can be almost paralyzing for some folks.


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Malarky said:
bummer that didn't work out with Bhuter. I hope he's alright and that he clears things up.
I've had nothing but good trades and dialogue with him.
Ditto. Always been a stand up dude to me. Out of character for him, so something must be amiss. 
Hogleg, et al. I'm in as well if need be. The deal will be made "whole." 
Hello, all of you beautiful people!!! I believe this is where all of the cool people hang out! I missed a lot of you! I didn't realize how many people until I was emailing/messaging umpteen members.
I mainly came back to clear something up. As some of you know, I'm not the most socially comfortable person, I get overwhelmed at harvest, and tend to take the winter off. I have made trade promises, and disappeared in the past. I've always (usually...) come back in time for whatever variety is waited for, to give that variety enough time to grow. Admittedly, I haven't remembered them all. This is my own handicap and I need to work on changing that nonsense. I am very sorry.

With all of that said:

ShowMeDaSauce and I DID have pleasant conversations, agreed on a seed trade, and if I remember correctly, he volunteered to send me an SFRB. Around that time of year, I'm overwhelmed by the overwhelming of fresh pods. I have my own pods and the multiple, awesome, giant boxes I receive from other growers. Yes, I love the generosity and I appreciate it, greatly. I'm not saying I don't like receiving surprise pod-boxes, I just get less interested and kinda blasé whole overrun.

Our trade had nothing to do with my leaving. I just couldn't do "pepper-anything" anymore. Then the health issues.
Come time to decide on seeds to grow, my gf receives a pm on Facebook from DaSauce (his "one attempt" lasted 3 days). He told her the story, she gave him a basic health update and asked what the final trade was...what he was looking for. I think twice she asked him and he just wouldn't say. He comes back with something to the effect of: "...I sent him another pm on THP."
Still, I'm clueless. I trade butt-loads of seeds with many, many people. I can't remember them all. And it does absolutely no good to leave a message someplace that the recipient clearly doesn't visit anymore.
Sooooo, I heard from folks, came back and read a little. I know I effed up. I shoulda finished the trade in the fall. Buuuut....I see that his status was/is about me with 17 comments (thanks, everybody!), he contacted Justin White, stalked my gf on Facebook, plus...PLUS stalked HER eBay. Now one must understand, I don't use my own personal eBay account. I use my gf's. And my name is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND on her eBay account.

Obsess much????

Now, I'm very not happy because this is just ridiculous. I planned to (and still plan to, if he wants) send him his end. But I have a problem sending cash for something I didn't ask for. I'm sure I sound crass or harsh....unappreciative of his kindness. I very much appreciate the extra effort and cost of his generous gesture....unfortunately, the generosity lost its luster due to the aforementioned actions.

I don't wanna start trouble. I want to finish this trade and be done with it. I'm sorry if I came off as an a$$, but stalking....that's just not acceptable.

Thank you, everybody for being awesome!!!
I may stay, but ‍♂️....
Ciao & cheers!!!

I didnt stalk anyone you lying piece of shit. I posted the entire conversation.  If you think sending someone a total of 4 polite messages is stalking you are freaking crazy son.
You got exactly the pods you wanted. I still have the entire conversation saved. The last pm is still in there and if you can post here now you could have read it and finished this. You have to visit the forum in order to delete it so.........................
Screw you asshole...Here is the proof you wanted them AND offered to pay for shipping too.
Well, I tried. I don't need to be slandered by a guy who is so involved and preoccupied with himself that he's forgotten there's a "friends" option on THP. I was told he was an a$$hole...but I dealt with him anyway. Growing peppers on this forum just isn't worth going to junior high again.

Thank you to all other members. I'm sorry. 'Rotten apple, spoiled bunch' deal, here. I'll be seeing folks around.


The "One Attempt"...
Yeah, I don't miss this anymore. Social media is definitely after my time.

I just listed 3 places not-of-this-site where you asked about me, 2 places on this site where you continued asking, AS WELL AS THIS THREAD AAAAANNNNDDDDD our original trade thread. That's not a little stalker-ish?

Lol. So your defense for all of your craziness is "You DID ask for them."???
You're missing the entire point. I didn't flat out say,
"He was forcing his products on me and demanding payment."
What I said was, "If I remember correctly,...."
and I was willing to send you what you wanted.
I didn't say, "I'm not doing that..."
I actually said, "I have a problem with..."
No matter how smart and observant you think you are, your thought process is so busy constantly practicing opera....
"Mi mi mi mi miiiiii...."
that it effects your judgement on what's actually being said.
You coulda had your $$, but THIS asshole just wiped a lying piece of shit on a $15 door mat on his way out.

Now, please...I'm too old for this.
You really need to check yourself back into whatever loonie bin you checked out of. I sent White Hot Peppers 1 single question on 12/5/2019. I only asked if he had heard from you and he said no. I never responded in anyway after that.
So boss you posted the conversation i already posted up with your GF. At least i was nice enough to crop out her name before posting it here. The joke is on you though if you thought posting it was gunna be a problem...I only use FB to stay in contact with 1 person and almost never post there.
If you can drag your ass out of whatever "funk" you were in to sell on Ebay you could have gotten off your ass and taken care of your other commitments. Ive never posted anything ever on Ebay. Never had a Ebay account or bought anything there. I simply noticed the sale you had. That stuff you were selling was a damn sight harder than putting 3 packs of seeds in an envelope and dropping it in your mail box.
If posting a bad review here is stalking material....Well then THP has a ton of damn stalkers. What are you a liberal snowflake that needs a safe place? If just reading posts on social media is stalking....Well you better leave now because we would all be stalkers in your little safe room.
The absolute facts are
We had a deal
You had numerous chances to honor that deal
You refused to honor that deal
You deleted the PMs instead
You were making other "deals" of a similar nature online after your vanishing act.
I had to spend well over $20 to get what i was supposed to get for my SFRB full of pods.
Instead of loggin on and reading your PMs which would have cleared it up in a minute you played the "victim card" in this thread.
No slander was committed here
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