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Bhuthead Andy's Hot Sauce

Figured I would make a thread for my sauce. Working on this one that has been posted a couple times.

Pumpkin Hot Sauce- Hot

1 can Pumpkin (~2 pounds)

5 # fresh red Peppers (Fresno, the generic red chiles from the supermarket)

2 bags Dried Cranberries (sweetened Craisins)

10 oz Sweet Onion

4 oz Garlic

6-8 leaves of Fresh Sage

2 cups balsamic vinegar

1 tsp Sea salt

Beer &/or wine to cover

This turned out fairly thick, we had to use a good bit of wine/beer to thin it out. One time we used white wine, another time it was a good hearty dark beer.

Based on a fermented recipe from Rocketman

Shared by salsalady

I didn't put sage in it. Isn't that the stuff that gives breakfast sausage its flavor? Idk I'm not a chef, so I didn't like the sound of that. I added cinnamon, clove, and some pumpkin spice which is a combo of those plus nutmeg and ginger.

Left out the garlic too.
Then doubled the recipe but only used about 5 pounds of mixed peppers.

Added honey, some water and acc and a 750 of wine from Germany I believe.






Here's the lineup so far.


The one all the way to the right is the only bottle I made out of the jalapeno batch before I added pineapple. I hung on to it to see if it ages well, lol

Gonna see if I can get that devil to look alright black and white and get the labels on the white devil sauce. I have high hopes for the artwork I have coming for the "Ol' Yeller" it will be a rabid fawn Presa Canario.

Did i post the art for the ferment I have going?
Screaming Peach

The original artwork is great! I would suggest when using on labels you really up the saturation/contrast on them to make them more label-like... I would not recommend that in the original art, but this can be done after so they look less "drawn" and so they pop.
I actually just read your comment in another thread saying that! On the twisted taco it looked really light on Photoshop so I messed with the colors on it. When it printed it came out really dark though. I'm not good at Photoshop, I can use it just good enough to get a picture slapped on the sauce lol.

I changed my mind on editing the red devil to a white devil, and have him drawing me the real Ekwensu Ocha. He was gonna work on it a couple nights ago, so hopefully I will have it ready pretty soon.
Walchit said:
Thanks! Waiting on this new ph pen from hanna instruments now. I wasn't too thrilled about 18 bucks for shipping. But boss recommended it.
I just ordered a Ph pen from Walmart.com. Free shipping unless you want it quickly, then you have pay.

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Raspberries were not getting ate, and I didnt want to waste them, so i made a little sauce today. The raspberry seeds are too small to strain out, and the blender doesnt get them, on not super happy about the seeds in the sauce, but it tastes good.

Used some crossed slcr, and some of the correct pheno. Could be hotter, but its got some bite.



I was gonna see if I still had a clean bag from my compost tea kit, but that thing looks cool, where did you get yours?

My other thought was a layer or two of cheese cloth in the strainer, but I know that is gonna waste a bunch of sauce too.