container Black containers

I'm looking at buying some plastic grow bags again this year. I can get 5 gallon white and 10 gallon white, yet the 7 gallon bags at my local hydroponic store are black. I'm of the opinion that black absorbs radiant energy and gets hot whereas white reflects radiant energy and remains cooler. What about plants in black plastic containers? Anybody have reservations on black as a container color? Maybe hot roots are good, I don't know.
Not a big fan of black containers in full on sun in the dead heat of summer, especially when I lived in the desert. I use white or light green buckets mostly. Have used black grow bags, they were pretty much cloth type though, not plastic.
I'm going to plant almost 40 containers ASAP!  Didn't really plan on painting but it could be an option if I want the 7 gallon size. Thanks. 
While black may not be ideal, almost every nursery across America uses black plastic pots or grow bags. Your plants won't die if you plant in black plastic. Also, like SB said, paint is your friend.