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flavor Black Hungarian - Perfect powder

Hi Guy's

I grew these a few year's ago and while very pretty, very prolific i didn't sow them the following year as I was chasing heat :fireball:and these weren't hot enough for me.

And to call them Black Hungarian does not do the final pod colour justice.......yes the pod's go from green to black and stay black for ages ....................until they ripen to the most beautiful deep dark mahogany 😍

I ended up stringing them and drying them and left them hanging............


2018 Black Hungarian crop


Fully ripe Black Hungarian simply gorgeous 😍

Now I left my crop hanging on a string for over a year basically because they were to mild........ 😗

I make a traditional Indian Pork Vindaloo that uses 14 dried Kashmiri chillie ground to powder for colour and flavour and a bunch of hot green chillies to give it heat 😋

I was making the marinade for the Vindaloo one day I realised I didn't have any Kashmiri chillies ! 😮

Then I remembered my dried mahogany red black hungarian chilies I plucked 15 or 16 off the string ground them to powder and substituted them in my Pork Vindaloo...............

Wow ! My guests who love my pork Vindaloo and have eaten many times before all said its the best there had :thumbsup:

I haven't grown it since but did use all the dried crop, I've been using the space in my greenhouse to trial superhots but now pretty much got those sorted there's a good chance it my find it's way back into my greenhouse in 2024 .........but in kratky hydroponics this time 😁