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Black mold on some, not most ghost peppers

I grow different peppers every spring/summer. This year we did red chili and ghost. The chilis were great. They had no disease, were solid, and had lots of short-acting heat. The ghost peppers notably took longer (planted on 5/3/17). So far nice yields of orange-red which were picked and still many green to green-orange. Most were beautiful and extremely HOT and long-lasting heat. One issue is that some had nasty black mold but not on all.  Is this caused by an insect affecting the flower or a mold on the fruit? Is it possible the strain I got was not disease resistant?
I could post a picture but all the ones on the plant right now are not affected.


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From what I've read, it can actually be present from the moment a flower starts to turn into a pod. trying not to get the blossoms wet is one way to avoid it. Again, this is only what ive read.
I had similar issues with many of my Bonnets and we'd had a lot of rain right when the bloodstains were becoming pods so... That theory makes sense, to me, based on my micro level experience.

A danged shame when you slice open a pretty pod, only to find black mold on the seeds and placentas
trlrman said:
sliced 90 pods in half yesterday to dehydrate and had 3 with the black mold . On average about 3-5 per 100 seem to have it.

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Yup, about that same rate for me.