chinense Black Naga its a beast !

Hi Guy's

This fella is a beast ! Month's younger than my other super hots and Naga's I'd heard it was vigorous but blooming heck ! This things grows !!


I believe it is the "chocolate version" of the King Naga a natural mutation rather than a hybrid ? Apparently the fruit is much larger than the chocolate bhut jolokia ??

At only 700,000 to 800,000 shu 😗 its milder than my Dorset Naga's but wow ! In the growth department already 😎

Anyone grown these fellas before ? I've also heard the Black Naga can throw red king naga too ? Either way I'm very impressed with this far

I had to dig through very old shots... Sorry for the PB watermark crap... here's a Black Naga from 9-10 years ago:


I remember that it was growing like a weed, scared even the pests LOL a real production machine and rated very high in my naga/bhut heat scale.
Never grown it again as i preferred red varieties flavor wise but i regret it because the genetics were impressive. The real deal should not have giant pods, it was exactly naga sized but gnarliest and hotter. I believe many hybrids of the same with giant pods popped up later...

All the best