Blocked VPN Traffic

Did you just change a setting to block incoming traffic using VPN's? I used to have no issue accessing the site from my home computer and now suddenly I get a "you don't have permission to access this site" error when I try to connect. 
I maintain a VPN connection 99% of the time on my home computer.. Will be rather inconvenient if I have to disconnect and reroute my internet traffic just to connect to a forum. 
If you're worried about troll accounts ect I know there's setting to limit how many posts you have before you can use a VPN. Shroomery has a 50 post count limit before VPN use is allowed. ... but then again by then you're user ID has already been mapped to a physical address so defeats the point. 
Nope didn't change anything. You possibly hit a banned IP.
Some IPs are banned automatically, as in, a bot or spammer tried to post, it checks their IP against a registry, and blocks it here, in other words, you could have been using that IP a few days, but a spammer used it today.
Ok yea, my bad. Was just that particular IP. I should of checked that first. I just know some sites block all VPN traffic now. My favorite anime site just started doing that because some content is banned in certain countries and that was the work around but they just have to ruin it for everyone.