Blossom End Rot

I've got some end rot on Poblanos and various others. We had over an inch of rain last Wednesday followed by 95F temperatures. This season has been like that. A lot of rain over a couple days then dry for a bit. The 5 day forecast looks dry and 90F temps. I'm wondering If the next watering I apply some Cal Mag or some other calcium supply, or take the punches and ride it out to see If it was too much rain? Otherwise plants seem very healthy and lots of pods yet only about 16-19 inches tall.The Cayenne plant photo is just an overall picture of the plant with 1 or 2 of the peppers with a little brown spots on the ends.


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You won't prevent it with all the calcium in the world.  Heavy rains disrupt nutrient uptake.  You just gotta wait it out.