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Several months ago my wife purchased me three months of super hot Pepper shipments from Bohica Pepper Hut and I thought Id share my thoughts on it after the first shipment.

Peppers arrived by USPS packed nicely and included some Bohica Pepper Hut stickers. In the pic of peppers on the plate, Ive separated them into what I think are the same varieties. Its vague on the website what peppers might be included. My wife sent this pic to Bohica to ask what varieties we received, but the email was ignored altogether.

So far Ive only tried what I think was a Carolina Reaper and a chocolate Moruga Scorpion. Didnt care much for the reaper, although it did have a nice apple scent before the heat kicked in. I was pretty stupid with this a dinner appetizer, I popped the whole thing in my mouth and munched away. The next ten minutes were not super fun, but when the pain was over I thought I was all good. 3AM and the reaper struck again. That will be the last time I eat an intact super hot. The moruga Scorpion was really really tasty when sliced into pea sized bits. I will be fermenting the rest, but it seems like a waste since there are too few peppers to separate into different ferments.

Anyway I thought it would be cool to get this variety pack and taste a bunch of different flavors. Thought it would help me select some plants for next year. But since there is no way to know what varieties you have, and the owner does not respond to questions, its not helpful. In fact its just expensive. It was something like $17 for ~90 grams of peppers. If I knew what varieties I was eating and fermenting, it would be worth it, but since Bohica doesnt attempt to ID the peppers, its just a novelty. I will update if the upcoming shipments sway my opinion in one direction or the other.


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I believe it was $16.75 but I need to check what my wife was charged.

Update: last night I had what I believe was a yellow ghost pepper and some red 7-pot. Bohica advertises that all peppers in the variety pack are 1,000,000 to 2,200,000 scoville units but there is no way those peppers were even close. Essentially identical to an orange habanero. But good tasting at least.

Definitely an overpriced and inaccurately advertised product.
Second shipment significantly more generous than the first. Sorry i did not confirm the price with my wife yet, but I will edit once I do.

Still no word on the varieties. Ate a red scorpion-looking one (it was super hot, i definitely believe it was as advertised) and what i think was a yellow ghost (swear it was no hotter than a hab).

But they go well with meals while I wait for my plants to ripen. So far only my cayennes and Fresnos are ready to eat, so this pepper box isnt that bad, but definitely not as advertised.


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from my experience so far with Bohica, I've noticed they are more useful for seeds rather than fresh peppers. I bought some seeds from them a couple times and other than the one time they were out of the office for a week they have been good to me. in reference to fresh peppers though, if anyone has some good places i would appreciate some recommendations.