bottles-jars Bottle suppliers?

Wondering where yall order your bottles from? I've been ordering off Amazon as my batches have been smaller, 30-60 bottles a run, but looking to scale my orders and do around around 100 bottles a run. Looking to save some money, paying around .85c for bottle/lid/reducer/shrink wrap. Went to fillmore containers and after shipping etc ended up at .85c a bottle again... is this what I should just expect to pay enless I'm ordering say 1000+ bottles? Is there anywhere else with a quality product that I can get closer to .50c per bottle (with lid/reducer/shrink wrap)?
Specialty bottle

Prices are up everywhere the past 2 years for obvious reasons. We were looking to get a car window replaced a couple weeks ago and were told to call a junk yard as there is a glass shortage.
Thanks for the 3 options, I'll have to price them out. Local pickup doesn't work either as I'm out of Florida and don't see any manufacturers local.

Maybe I need to get into glass making, plenty of sand in florida. 🤣