misc (Brazilian moruga) X (7JPN) Cross stabilization help

Tldr; I had an accidental cross occur and am looking for potential help getting what few seeds I have left grown out by someone who can more consistently and confidently get them from seed to fruit than I can.

Two years ago I had a few Brazilian morugas and 7JPN plants growing in close proximity to each other and I can only assume they cross pollinated because when growing the seeds I saved from the Brazilian morugas the following year I had two plants come up with near black stalks, dark purple leaves, and they put out peppers that ripened from a solid very dark purple/black to a nice bright red.

The peppers were still blisteringly hot and seem to have taken virtually no characteristics aside from the potential for dark coloring and slight pod shape from the 7JPN genetics.

I saved as many seeds as I could from the two plants hoping to grow out and stabilize this as a new strain.

Unfortunately with my current setup, experience, and short grow season in my region I tend to rely on sheer number of seeds started to guarantee something of a garden, expecting heavy losses along the way, especially during the seedling stage.

This is where the request for help comes in.

I only have something like 20 seeds left after a very rough grow this year and don't think I trust myself to not lose them all next season.

If there is anyone who is confident in their ability and is willing to help me out please let me know.

My main focus in this would be guaranteeing enough seeds from plants that show the mentioned characteristics to continue stabilizing it on my own going forward. I just really don't want to botch this and loose out on the unique plants I've already seen that these can be.
How are you losing so many seedlings?
Not sure what your setup and process are.. Have you considered growing a couple in pots and bringing them thru the winter? I have a PdN x BMJ and it is on it's second season coming in, or third. They make some pretty decent Bonchi.

Another idea might be to figure out where you are going wrong and resolve it. With a relatively cheap setup, you should be able to turn those seeds around indoors.. Especially if you have a South facing window to work with. Your plants might not be the most productive, but you should be able to convert a few seeds into many.

I have had a lot of trouble outside in the Spring and late Fall here too, especially this last Spring.. We purchased one of those cheaper plastic greenhouses this year and it's been extending my season considerably. You could probably benefit even more, considering you're in Zone 4a or b there, right? Can't say I miss being in that part of this State.. I've grown to love the Clay.
If you need some grow-out help I can assist you. I steward seed do seed work for Seed Saver’s Exchange, Organic Seed Alliance and Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance. I would invest in a hoop house to extend your growing season. There are multriple ways to insulate and/or heat them, too. The materials can be obtained free via upcycling or purchased cheap from salvage company. Of course a hardware store is an option, too. If you need a hand you can catch me easiest at gratefulseedsaver@gmail.com.