event Bubba!? Did yo win?

there was about 30 pots come chicken chili and vegetarian chili and bubba's chili won best overall I say humbly.
it was kinda funny everyone kept saying mine was hot its hot and im like........give me a break my 9 year old daughter ate 2 bowls full. grow some grapes down there.

i think next year im gonna really hook em up with some hot chili.
I had the priviledge of "sampling" two heaping bowl fulls of Bubba's chili during this cookoff. Bubba may be too humble to say it but he kicked arse. I tried some of the others and there was no comparison! I considered regugitating the competion's in order to make room for more of Bubba's chili but decided against it.
Funny point... while I was getting my first bowl, a guy was complaining that the chili was too mild so Bubba tweaked it a little with some 357 Magnum.
When I went back for more, the same guy was there complaining that it made the top of his head sweat and that he couldn't eat it. HA!
Good job Bubbanator!
It ia the bane of the chili cook that though you may win the contest, there is always (ALWAYS) some schmo who will complain. You could bring mild, medium, hot, sweet, sour, sweet hot, hot sour, verde, chicken chili and vegetarian, yet, someone would sound off that you didn't bring vegan. I just hope that that guy suffered accordingly.

My other favorite thing is when someone comes up to the booth at a competition and tells you how good their chili is. How they don't even measure their ingredients. Blah, blah, blah. Then when you ask why they are not in the comtest, they act like it's below them.

Just spoutin off.

Congrats again to Bubba, I haven't been in a cook off since November, so I am living through your win for now. I cannot wait for April 15th!