campaign Bullseye Sriracha on Kickstarter!!!

Hey fellow Chili Heads! 

I wanted to share my Kickstarter with the community. It's called Bullseye Sriracha, we use a blend of Urfa and Aleppo with a mix of spices, garlic, red onions and capers.  It's a unique hot sauce that focuses on flavor over heat and something I'm very proud to share! 

Check out the kickstart at 

Thanks for taking the time to read this post! 

 Greetings Bullseye~ :welcome: to THP.
I read the kickstarter page, sounds like a very unique sauce.  I have a couple questions, will be sending a PM to you for clarification. 
I'll be following as this sounds like a really good sauce.
Sounds good! I like the briny umami addition of capers, never thought of that.
The first step in making the sauce is to slowly fry capers, garlic and onions and that gives it a real depth of flavor. 
I see that you're a fellow Brooklynite, if you're interested in trying the sauce I'll be handing out samples at The Meat Hook butcher shop in Williamsburg next Thursday night.  Also Bullseye Sriracha is featured on the menu at EMILY restaurant in Clinton Hill!

I'd love to hear what you think of the sauce!